Saturday Brunch
avec Victor Pérez Armero et Anneleen Keppens, interprètes de sspeciess de Daniel Linehan

With Victor Pérez Armero and Anneleen Keppens, dancers of sspeciess by Daniel Linehan

Saturday, November 30, 11 a.m. - 1 p.m.

at the CCNO

— 10€ / 8€, by reservation only

© Hiatus Sofie de Backere

Influenced by Timothy Morton’s theories of ecology, Linehan is questioning the status of the human being. Instead of conceiving living beings in a hierarchical way, it would be more ecological to consider how humans coexist with other living beings.

Workshop with Victor Pérez Armero and Anneleen Keppens

During this workshop, the dancers of the Hiatus company will share the material and exercises stemming from the process of creation of sspeciess. We will explore the principles of the body in motion: breathing, circularity and vibration. This workshop will take the form of a playground to cultivate attention and commitment to our own bodies and our environment.

Friday, December 6, 7pm, at the CCNO

Public Presentation: sspeciess
— Admission free, by reservation only