fIn dE caRrière [working title]

Matthieu Barbin

It was on the basis of intimate material that Matthieu Barbin decided to work on fin de carrière – “end of career”. In order to question the body at work and the social characters that this experience sketches, the project is driven by the need to be Other. For this he collected a number of testimonies from workers in California, a place synonymous with success and accomplishment, and asked himself how far and by what means other possible definitions can be embraced.

fin de carrière [working title] will premiere November 3, 2020 at the Manège in Reims, France.

Choreography, stage direction and interpretation Matthieu Barbin
Vocal work and outside eye Dalila Kathir
Text work Jonathan Drillet

Matthieu Barbin
is an artist/performer. Invited by Hortense Archambault and Vincent Baudriller, he took part in the kadmos research group for the 2013 Avignon Festival. In 2018, he created his first piece, the solo totemic studies, petits portraits. The piece would be performed at many festivals, including the Soirées performances at the Scène nationale d’Orléans in 2019. The same year he created the performance piece dans les bras de Bobby. Matthieu’s work relies notably on the superimposition of virtuosity and oral physicality, relying on various supports that he twists in multiple directions in order to penetrate deeply into a physical extension of the bodies and characters he inhabits.
  • Open doors

    tuesday 19 may 2020

    fin de carrière (titre provisoire), Matthieu Barbin