République Zombie

Nina Santes

© Nina Santes

Republique Zombie is a piece probing the zombie state, in the sense of blunting time, bodies and the world, and performing our strategies of warning. The choreographic and musical language is based on the zombie body, both grotesque and terrifying. Shaped by colonial violence, the zombie is an alienated, dissociated and petrified body, sometimes seized by convulsions that cannot be explained. It is a wandering body, without borders or geography, the reflection of a threat always gaining ground.

République Zombie will premiere February 6, 2020 at Festival Antigel in Geneva, Switzerland.

Conception, choreography, and musical composition
Nina Santes Creation and interpretation Betty Tchomanga, Soa de Muse, Olivier Normand, Nina Santes
Collaborator dramaturgy Lynda Rahal
Lighting design Annie Leuridan
Sound creation and direction Nicolas Martz, Aurélien Pitaval
Scenography Pauline Brun
Costume design Pauline Brun, Gabrielle Marty
Vocal research and creation in collaboration with Jean-Baptiste Veyret-Logerias, Roberto Moura, Émilie Domergue
Technical direction Beatriz Kaysel
With the precious help of Félix Philippe - TNS, Louise Rustan - ENSATT and Elie Fonfrède - CNDC Angers

Nina Santes
Descended from several generations of puppet artists and from the Théâtre Ambulant, Nina Santes made her stage debut as a puppeteer. Since 2008 she has collaborated as a performer with Mylène Benoit, Myriam Gourfink, Catherine Contour, Pascal Rambert, Philippe Grandrieux, Herman Diephuis, and Emmanuel Eggermont. She is the author of choreographic and musical pieces, including Désastre (2012), in collaboration with composer Kasper Toeplitz, Transmorphonema, a duet with Daniel Linehan (Vif du Sujet SACD 2014), Self made man (2015), A leaf (2016) a duet with Célia Gondol that they recreated in 2019 for the Festival d’Avignon. In 2018, she created Hymen Hymne, currently on tour, hosted in residence at the CCN¹ in 2018 and presented at the Soirées performances at the Scène Nationale d’Orléans in 2019.
  • Open doors

    thursday 26 march 2020

    République Zombie, Nina Santes