Marion Blondeau and Ahmed Ayed

© Ahmed Ayed

Delving into the legend of Lilith, regarded as one of the first myths exploring female revolt, choreographer Marion Blondeau and director Ahmed Ayed envision a performance at the convergence of dance, visual arts and sound creation.
Questioning the domestication of the female body and conditioning by heteropatriarchy’s paradigm of objectified sexuality, Lilith is a ritual of “de-possession”, a descent into the core of the body’s intimacies, treading towards dangerous, archaic sexual energy and driving back the presumed limitations of the female body.

Based on an idea by Marion BLONDEAU # Designed and created by: Marion BLONDEAU and Ahmed AYED # Choreography and interpretation: Marion BLONDEAU # Stage direction: Ahmed AYED # Installation/Scenography: Justine BOUGEROL # Sound and music creation: Deena ABDELWAHED # Costume design: Bastien PONCELET # Lighting design: to be announced # Technical direction: Mateo PROVOST # Accompaniment and production Barbara COFFY-YARSEL – Maison Trouble

Marion Blondeau
studied at the CMDC in Tunis and then at the Ecole des Sables in Senegal. She has taken part in numerous collaborations as a choreographic artist in France, Tunisia, Egypt, Palestine, Spain and South Africa. For the past ten years, her creative work has explored, from the perspective of intersectional feminism, the question of women’s bodies and their voice in our contemporary societies, broadening her field of investigation to the countries of the Mediterranean and Africa. She also performs for Phia Ménard, teaches and conducts research in fasciapulsology as applied to danced movement with Florence Augendre.

Ahmed Ayed
is from Tunisia. His first contact with the stage was dancing, which he practiced from an early age. He left his native country in 2007 to train as an actor at the Institut des Arts de Diffusion in Belgium. Guided by his desire to “create worlds”, he has developed unique acting techniques and visual universes with his shows ALICE and Rigor Mortis. He has also directed video clips for international artists such as Ghoula, Mettani, Ammar 808, Emel Mathlouthi, Jawhar and Zäy. He is continuing his experiences as a director with projects in preparation such as his first short fiction film Boubchir.