dance workshop
for amateurs
with Andréa Moufounda and Chandra Grangean

with Andréa Moufounda and Chandra Grangean, performers in Maud Le Pladec’s counting stars with you (musiques femmes)

Saturday 6 November, 11am–1pm and 2–4:30pm

at the CCNO

20€ / 15€ with the Scène nationale card or for CCN¹ subscribers
registration required

    © Alexandre Haefeli

    In Counting stars with you, Maud Le Pladec’s new production, the focus is on music and women.
    How can we compile the secret history of music, bringing back to light the women composers so often rendered invisible?
    This workshop – directed by two performers from the piece – opens the door to this musical heritage from which your movement will emerge: an exploration of the lines, spirals and space that guided the compositional principles of Maud’s choreography in its relationship to music and the voice.

    Andréa Moufounda
    began contemporary dance at the age of five in Burgundy. She entered the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique et de Danse de Paris in 2015. During her training in contemporary dance, she worked with Edmond Russo (Cie Affari Esteri) and Cheryl Therrien (Cunningham). Encounters with Judith Sanchez Ruiz, Julyen Hamilton, Sarah Cerneaux, Roy Assaf and Mathilde Monnier have nourished her dance, which she describes as flexible, powerful and spatial, with a sensory approach to movement. Her curiosity and thirst for new experiences led her to exploring the energy of urban and experimental dances, through workshops and battles (notably with the WYNKL association). After obtaining her DNSP, Andréa worked with Fanny Azzuro and Parelle Gervasoni, with the Compagnie Kashyl for the new work Distances, and with the Compagnie par Terre / Anne Nguyen for the piece À mon bel amour.

    Chandra Grangean
    Of French-Venezuelan origin, Chandra started dancing in Caracas with the company Coreoarte. When she arrived in France, she joined the CRR of Paris and then in 2012 the CNSMD of Lyon studying contemporary dance. After graduating, she reprised one of the roles in Ambra Senatore’s piece Aringa Rossa. At the same time, she co-choreographed the piece ILS for the company Dikie Istorii. She then joined La Fabrique Fastidieuse for the creation and touring of Vendredi. In 2018, she collaborated with Ali Moini and also joined the company Le Pôle, with whom she worked on various projects and cultural actions in nursing homes and universities. In 2019, she took part in the creation Outrenoir by François Veyrunes and in the theatre project Incroyable by the company In Carne as co-choreographer. Chandra is also involved in other art forms such as voice, physical theatre, and performance art, which she explores as part of the collective Les Idoles. More recently, she joined the CCN d’Orléans for Maud Le Pladec’s latest new piece.