Schools and higher education

Encountering art on the road of schooling at least once in one’s life is the driving force behind arts education projects. The CCNO goes to school, just as the school comes to the CCNO. Projects are round trips enabling students to come to the CCNO for an alternative educational setting. Learning and experimenting other possibilities elsewhere. In contact with artists, their imaginations open up and come into contact with other languages.

The quality of these projects is based on exchanges between each teacher and the artists, painstakingly and closely supervised by the CCNO. The emphasis is placed on what young people and children can experience at this time in their lives when school is an opportunity to attempt and to experiment. Dance awakens one’s curiosity but also allows one to construct, learn and emancipate oneself. These projects are also opportunities for renewed collaboration with the city’s cultural partners such as the National Stage, the National Dramatic Centre, the Frac, the Esad, the Conservatory and others!