Workshop Feldenkrais
(Weekends for yourself #3)

New date / ONLINE :

Saturday, June 6, 10 am

with Corinne Garcia and Maria Ferreira Silva

Duration 2h, with ZOOM
5 € contribution (online reservation)

Saturday 6 June, 2-6 pm, and Sunday 7 June, 10-12 am and 1-3 pm

© Romain Etienne

Maria Ferreira Silva and Corinne Garcia, with their hybrid backgrounds, invite you to discover in tandem the pleasure of movement through the prism of dance and the Feldenkrais Method.
The Feldenkrais Method awakens self-awareness through movement and will be the gentle tool to smoothly approach dance through sensitivity and availability.
Dance will be the tool of expression to stimulate and vitalize the discovery of the Feldenkrais Method through playfulness and creativity.
The task will be to seamlessly pass between one and the other over the course of the weekend, experiencing movement with fluidity, effortlessness and an inner smile.

Maria Ferreira Silva is a dancer and a choreographer. Corinne Garcia is a dancer and practitioner of Feldenkrais. Both have collaborated with Maud Le Pladec.