Workshop Fasciapulsology
and Corporeality
(Weekends for yourself #2)

New date / ONLINE :

Saturday, June 13, 10:30 am

with Marion Blondeau

Duration 1h, with ZOOM
5 € contribution (online reservation)

Saturday 16 and Sunday 17 May, 2-5 pm


Marion Blondeau, dance artist and teacher, will delve into the practice of fasciapulsology applied to movement.

“Based on simplified fasciapulsology protocols, participants will be invited to allow their unique movement to emerge by appropriating the necessary time and space. Brief introspective guided anatomical journeys will lead to other sensations of ourselves, of our physiological intimacy and our corporeality. The connective tissues of our fascias are the medium for this experience: as much in their capacity for communication as in their capacity for articulating the body language of each individual.”

Marion Blondeau discovered this somatic practice at Ballet C de la B in Ghent in 2016, and has been training with Florence Augendre in Brussels ever since.