Apply for an “accueil-studio” residency

The CCNO provides companies with workspace as well as logistical and technical support to enable them to develop their productions under optimal conditions. Studios can also be made available for these same projects.
As part of the “accueil studio” initiative, companies are hosted in residency and receive financial support to reinforce/materialize their artistic project. These residencies are punctuated by public presentations, giving artists the opportunity to share their ongoing process.

The CCNO’s accueil-studio request procedure also applies to all studio loan requests. A Review Committee brings together five members of the permanent staff of the CCNO twice a year.

Thanks to the accueil-studio program, the CCNO can co-produce and host about ten choreographic projects each year. This device has now become an essential link in dance production and a considerable lever for rehearsing and creating.

Technical specifications for the workspaces (4 studios, 1 construction workshop, 1 costume shop, 1 editing / sound recording room) are available in the The site section of this website.

Next session: Spring 2020

Please visit this page again in Spring to access our online application form