The Battle d'Orléans

Wednesday 19 June, 6pm

Place du Martroi

— Free

Battle is the essential form of Breaking. The rawest, the most direct, the most committed. It's the original expression of hip hop dance: confrontation in a circle. After the great battle of Orléans and just before the 2024 Olympics, where break will make its debut as a discipline, today is the day: THE BATTLE D'ORLÉANS.

Organised by the CCN¹ in collaboration with Arnaud Deprez / Compagnie Allongé and the complicity of Lou Orblin / Boxcrew, the Battle d'Orléans is in two categories:

🟣 The Bonnie & Clyde: a battle with 8 hand-picked mixed duos, who will compete for the title, fun and a Price Money.

🟢 The Exhibitons: a series of intense and committed 1vs1 battles between 2 top-level Bboys or Bgirls who will settle their scores on the dancefloor.

Battles are judged on a number of criteria, including style, musicality, creativity, energy, execution, writing, artistry, attitude, mastery of the basics and variations, and ease with the different elements of the dance (top rocks, godowns, footwork's, freezes and powermoves).

Live DJ: Dj Nobunaga, internationally renowned Dutch producer
Speakers : LÿdiE LAPēstE and Fénix


  • Event

    wednesday 19 june 2024

    Place du Martroi
    Le Battle d'Orléans