Public presentation:
Twenty-seven perspectives mobiles by Maud Le Pladec, Anne-Karine Lescop

Saturday 23 March, 8.30pm

Théâtre d’Orléans

— 5 à 10 €, booking at Scène nationale d’Orléans

Entrusted to Anne-Karine Lescop and Simon Feltz, assisted by Alexandra Fribault, the re-creation of Twenty-seven perspectives by Maud Le Pladec is for 27 amateur dancers from Orléans. The group is intergenerational: the youngest is 9 years old and the participants have different body practices. Some are amateur dancers, others are amateur sportspeople or physiotherapists. Twenty-seven perspectives mobiles is a group of people forming a community. Twenty-seven perspectives mobiles is about how otherness and encounters with others can produce a shared artistic gesture.

Anne-Karine Lescop and Simon Feltz have devised a score adapted from Maud Le Pladec's play, based on the pleasure of individual and group movement, dialogue with oneself and others, and listening to the music with sensitivity and identification. Without betraying the original piece, Twenty-seven perspectives mobiles is like a return to the sources, to the direct resonance of the music on the bodies, taking into account the chiselled choreography of the piece.

Choregraphy by Maud Le Pladec # Re-cration by Anne-Karine Lescop and Simon Feltz # Assistant and interpreter Alexandra Fribault # Amateur dancers Romane Alizard, Clémentine Blachon-Renouard, Isabelle Bordin, Giulia Bourdon, Jeanne Bouyou Houdas, Coraline Cauchi, Eden Charton, Justine Clozier, Charlotte Fouquet, Hélène Henrie, Louise Lajoux, Berenice Le Lardeux, Hélène Langlois, Sylvie Laquembe, Jeanne Lepoutre, Pauline Levy, Philippe Malignac, Isabelle Mauriès, Lara Montantin, Albane Muller, Sandrine Prevot, Julie Rendek, Louise Rendek, Thomas Théry-Dupressoir, Élios Topin, Léa Valéry, Sylvie Vassort, Eden Yai-DezaiBle # Lighting design Éric Soyer # Sound engineer Vincent Le Meur


  • Présentation publique

    saturday 23 march 2024

    Théâtre d'Orléans
    Twenty-seven perspectives mobiles de Maud Le Pladec, Anne-Karine Lescop