Je n'ai jamais eu envie de disparaître

Bad group name: Je.

Premiered 2017 Duration 30 min As part of Concordanse #11 (slider: jenaijamaiseuenviededisparaitre-img) © Martin Argyroglo (1) © Delphine Micheli (2) *Je n'ai jamais eu envie de disparaître* – *I've never wanted to disappear* – follows the trajectories of two bodies, one awkward, clumsy and quirky, the other rigorous, deft and tending towards greater mastery of things. These two ways of being in the world are opposed, intertwined and joined together in a struggle between the temptation of chaos and the desire for order. In the form of two fragmented self-portraits, the two protagonists recount their intimate and public paths, each driven by the desire to finally be in step with the moment and the world. ##### Maud Le Pladec Choreography and Pierre Ducrozet Text.
Maud Le Pladec and Pierre Ducrozet offer a literary, choreographic and musical autobiography of contemporary bodies, sketched with humour and elegance. ###### Production Concordanse, association Léda, Centre Chorégraphique National d’Orléans # With support from the Triangle and the Musée de la Danse in Rennes

Filmed by Frédéric Pickering, Jean-Paul Duchet, Zacharie Dutertre Montage Frédéric Pickering


  • Performance

    tuesday 21 november 2017

    Institut Français of Vienne Library
    Je n'ai jamais eu envie de disparaître