Static Shot

Première :

jeudi 3 décembre 2020 à l’Opéra national de Lorraine, Nancy (France)

Conception and Choreography Maud Le Pladec - création 2020
With Chloé Thévenin, composer, Pete Harden, composer, and Christelle Kocher — KOCHÉ, designer
With the 24 Dancers of the CCN-Ballet de Lorraine
Production CCN-Ballet de Lorraine, direction Petter Jacobsson
Coproduction : CCN d’Orléans
Durée : 40 min environ

© CCN - Ballet de Lorraine / Laurent Philippe

“I envisage a very specific scenic device, situated between choreographic piece, scenic installation and cinematographic device. The dramaturgy of the piece, conceived as a block of bodies, images and sounds, will have no beginning, middle or end. Like a permanent climax, the group of dancers will together maintain this peak moment, energy always needing to be held at its zenith. So how to envision the questions of shared tension, ecstasy, and jouissance? And what about relaxation, breath, or loss? What if pleasure becomes a motive for tension? The piece’s dynamics – ranging from mezzo forte to fortississimo – will make this piece a permanent crescendo, inviting the spectators to participate in never-ending ecstasy.”
Maud Le Pladec

Conception and Choreography Maud Le Pladec
Music Pete Harden & Chloé Thévenin
Costumes Christelle Kocher — KOCHÉ, Assistant Carles Urraca Serra — KOCHÉ
Costume Assistant Laure Mahéo
Choreographic Assistant Régis Badel
Dramaturgy Assistant Baudouin Woehl
Lighting Éric Soyer
Dancers of the CCN-Ballet de Lorraine

Captation : Les films du point de vue - Réalisation et montage : Bérangère Goossens
Cadrage : Christophe Gavoille, Bérangère Goossens, Gaelle Royer, Vincent Tournaud, Robin Verdusen
Plans aériens : C2images, Guillaume Vialtaix

Listen to Static Shot de Chloé Thévenin & Pete Harden :

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