L'Amiral Sénès

Marion Carriau

"The sound of the trumpets still echoes in the darkened space. The atmosphere is thick and misty, with only a few glimpses of light. Perhaps it's a nocturnal, underwater landscape, another Atlantis, a forgotten world, or a space where our dead await our call... Out of the fog emerge three shipwrecked figures, haggard and clumsy, and an odyssey begins, a naval fantasy, an epic of lead soldiers. Jaws snap, legs give way, bodies help each other in their quest for verticality. They are linked to each other, to the lineage, to the admiral ancestor whom they bring back to life through them. Together they invent the epic memory of a grandfather about whom we know nothing except that he has a statue in his likeness. There is a path from matter to the human, from opacity to light, from specter to flesh, from oblivion to memory. When I was a child, the figure of Admiral Sénès and his statuesque double were a hotbed of fantasies of glory, heroism and naval battles. In creating L'Amiral Sénès, I want to bring to light the different layers of ghostly stories of which each person is the sum, and let these myths, these invisible gestures and dances of which our bodies are the heirs, resurface in the depths of our bodies."
— Marion Carriau

Public opening

Friday 12 April, 7pm

at CCN¹

— Free with reservation

Concept & chorégraphie Marion Carriau ∎ Interprétation Maeva Cunci, Yannick Hugron, Clémentine Maubon ∎ Scénographie Rémy Ebras ∎ Scénographie et création lumière Magda Kachouche ∎ Costumes Alexia Crisp Jones ∎ Composition Valentin Mussou ∎ Régie son Arnaud Pichon ∎ Intervention en chant Élise Chauvin ∎ Assistant Hyacinthe Hennae ∎ Assistant à la dramaturgie sonore Benjamin Daugeron ∎ Production MIRAGE
Marion Carriau
trained for 4 years at the CRR in Paris and then at the CNDC in Angers. She has worked as a performer with various artists: Mohammed Shafik, Les Gens d'uterpan, Mylène Benoit, Julien Prévieux, Laurent Goldring, Nawelle Aïneche. In 2011, she met Joanne Leighton, with whom she worked closely on the pieces People United, Songlines, Corps Exquis. At the same time, she has been training in bharata natyam at the Mandapa Centre since 2009 with Vydia, who is still her teacher to this day. Marion Carriau founded the Mirage association in 2016. She created her first solo Je suis tous les dieux in 2018 at the CCN de Tours. Chêne Centenaire, a duet written and performed by Magda Kachouche and herself, will see the light of day in its inner version in 2021 at the CCN de Tours. In 2021, she will recreate Je suis tous les dieux in a version for young audiences at the Théâtre Berthelot in Montreuil in partnership with Dansedense. In 2022, Magda Kachouche and Marion Carriau will create an outdoor version of Chêne Centenaire during the June Events festival, as well as Paysan-ne-s, a participatory piece envisaged as the third arborescence of Chêne Centenaire.


  • Public opening

    friday 12 april 2024

    L'Amiral Sénès by Marion Carriau